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Ursula's European Creations


Thank you for taking an interest in our products. Our brochure will show you different laces and ideas that are available for many types of windows. All of the laces and fabrics are seamless and washable. You may choose from white or off-white for your seamless laces and fabrics. Macrame laces come in white, ecru, and two tone. Most window treatments are made to a 3 to 1 fullness and are made to your specific measurements. Keep in mind that European fabric is 102" or 118" long. The yardage is about half of what you need if you would have 36" or 48" fabric. Included in our brochure are instructions on how to measure your windows.

Our picutres show headings made with a Continental rod (a stationary treatment). For our stationary treatments, we use Doefix pleatertape which is Velcro fastened and that makes it simpler to install and easier for you when washing your draperies. For our moveable treatments, we use MHZ European drapery rods. Also included in our brochure are instructions on how to measure for rods.

Fabric samples are available upon request.

If you would like to sell these types of products, please call Ursula's Creations. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and explain the necessary steps to help you become an Ursula's Creations sales representative.

Ursula's European Creations has over 5,000 items in inventory. If you are looking for a special curtain, curtain rod, or table-linen, please call us and let us know your details. We are sure we can locate what you are looking for.

Thank you,
Ursula and Gerhard Stauss

Ursula's European Creations
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